New Mexican artist, Chuck Lathrop

Untitled 08 #1 | 2008 | coffee, powered charcoal, paper | 24" x 18"

Untitled 08 #1 | 2008 | coffee, powered charcoal, paper | 24″ x 18″

For the past twenty years Lathrop has pursued the question ‘what if?’ – or perhaps it has pursued him. Willing to take risks through ‘losing control’, using mundane materials such as toilet paper and ashes, stressing paper to its breaking limit and sometimes grabbing what is in arm’s reach to accomplish an effect he creates work that is a deeply personal interpretation of the world.

Convinced that truth comes from within and through experimentation, Chuck Lathrop uses a variety of nontraditional materials and acrylics, printmaking and  encaustics. Some of the nontraditional materials including liquid detergent, soy  sauce, tannin, vegetable oil, cola, sand, coffee and coffee grounds, urine, PVA glue, wood filler, fiberglass screening and digitally altered photographs.

Growing up in the hamlet of Bowmansville, NY and the village of Lancaster, NY (both near Buffalo), Lathrop played in the nearby woods and fields. Later moving to Greece, NY and eventually to Cooperstown, NY and finally to Massachusetts in 1986 he continued to explore nature at first in his writings and then in his art. Now living in Rio Rancho the New Mexican landscape, particularly the West Mesa and the Rio Grande bosque provide the inspiration for his work.

Untitled 09 | 2009 | soy sauce, mustard, liquid detergent, coffee, paper | 24" x 18"

Untitled 09 | 2009 | soy sauce, mustard, liquid detergent, coffee, paper | 24″ x 18″

He attended classes at the Munson Williams Proctor Institute, Utica, NY, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA and School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston, MA. As an arts advocate he has worked with Massachusetts Artist Leaders Coalition, served on the board of the Monotype Guild of New England and was president of 4th Floor Artists, Rockland, MA. He curated and organize numerous shows in Massachusetts and after moving to New Mexico opened Leich Lathrop Gallery in 2012.

Though Leich Lathrop Gallery closed at the end of October 2013 he remains active in the Albuquerque art community. In November Lathrop started New Mexico Art Review a blog devoted to commentary on the art world, art criticism and reviews.

Pembroke & Rockland, MA, 2010

Rio Rancho, 2013