For the past 40 years, Chuck Lathrop has gone through different art phases, from the representative and increasingly, the abstract. He is now an artist committed to abstraction.

The driving principle behind Lathrop’s work is automatism. It requires an open mind and a willingness to accept “accidents” with little editing.

Chuck Lathrop uses several media, including acrylics and encaustics, for painting. In printmaking, he utilizes woodcuts, monotype, and trace monotype techniques, (some may refer to the latter as reverse drawing). His photographs maintain the thrust of his creativity by being digitally re-arranged. His sculptures and constructions, using natural materials, offer a different insight.

Most recently he renewed his interest in haiku poetry.

A native of the Northeastern U.S. he moved to New Mexico in 2011. The New Mexican landscape is an inspiration.

He attended classes at the Munson Williams Proctor Institute, Utica, NY, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA, and School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston, MA. As an arts advocate, he has worked with Massachusetts Artist Leaders Coalition, served on the board of the Monotype Guild of New England, and was president of 4th Floor Artists, Rockland, MA. He curated and organized numerous shows in Massachusetts and, after moving to New Mexico, opened Leich Lathrop Gallery in 2012, which closed in 2013.

Rio Rancho, 2013 (revised 2020)
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