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Inspiration from a Demo

After demoing, very quickly, for someone my technique (using a painting I had on my laptop) for creating my altered digital photographs it occurred to me to try it with a couple of others. The results are below.  

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The Color Gray

I always get a bit of thrill when I add gray to a painting; its effect on the surrounding colors makes them brighter especially if they are earth tones and warm. Today it happened as I was working on the 9th Octet. In this case it is Golden’s Neutral Gray #6 that performed the magic which is a light gray but I have had happen with Payne’s Gray...

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The Ten Octets

These paintings are from a new series of paintings on paper called “10 Octets.”  Each painting is 11.125″ x 30″ and started by an automatic drawing using fireplace charcoal soaked in water. Subsequent layers are applied with brushes and plastic cards such as expired credit cards. The use of the plastic cards allows me to create...

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