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New Drawings

Rinconada #4 | 2020 24″ x 18″ charcoal on paper I have been working on new automatic drawings in charcoal. When I work this way new avenues of exploration have a tendency to open up. Images also appear that reminds me of a geographic location as in the Rinconada pieces. Other sketches remind me of figures as in Dancer. Dancer | 202017″ x...

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Back into the Studio

Back into the studio today to work on more drawings. The current one are beginning influence my ideas for the next set of paintings and prints.

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I have been working on new drawings in the studio. I have another set I want to do before I publish them.

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New Day New Look

It has been a long time since I have paid attention to my website and I have looked at it with fresh eyes. Consequently, I have decided to revise it to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Instead of ranges of years you will find headings for Paintings, The Ten Octets, Encaustics, Prints, Drawings, Photography, and Sculpture &...

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Inspiration from a Demo

After demoing, very quickly, for someone my technique (using a painting I had on my laptop) for creating my altered digital photographs it occurred to me to try it with a couple of others. The results are below.  

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Having finished the 8th Octet today I sat down to review the series and realized that as much as the colors of Southwest and New Mexico influenced my work it is the natural energy of the place as well. The spring winds are the obvious manifestation of the energy but even when they are calm there is hum in the land.  

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The Ten Octets

These paintings are from a new series of paintings on paper called “10 Octets.”  Each painting is 11.125″ x 30″ and started by an automatic drawing using fireplace charcoal soaked in water. Subsequent layers are applied with brushes and plastic cards such as expired credit cards. The use of the plastic cards allows me to create...

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Subverting the Camera

I have taken a long break from working in the studio proper. Instead I have been working with camera and computer to subvert the purpose of the camera as a recording device. Starting with an original source photo I use just the basic tools on my computer to rearrange the photo beyond recognition. The process involves editing and re-editing, sometimes...

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slideshow notes

these are notes only. The slideshow uses PAGES now (not Posts) – this is set in Appearances > Flexible Theme > Slider The images are fed from the Featured Images set for the 2013-2014 pages and the 2010-2012 page (you can add more from the Appearances controls) To change the image, open the relevant Gallery page and change the “Set...

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